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A Market driven response that operates entirely on the principal of supply and demand. People want to own their own properties, Renters Score helps them get that.
Renters Score was founded on the principal beliefs that consumers has the right to buy and let properties based on their renting history and not their personal credit. If you can afford to pay your rent on time, you can afford to pay your mortgage.

We offer our users 3 value proposition


Free access to their score


Interactive tool to help track and optimised renting score on real time


Find savings opportunities based on credit rent report and profile

How will you benefit?

By creating and tracking the history of your rental payments, it will prove to landlords, estate agencies, banks, mortgage brokers, and others, that you are a reliable customer by proving you are able to keep up with on-time payments. This will intern help you


Apply for a mortgage using renters score


Get approved for renting properties within budget even if your personal credit score is low without the use of guarantors.


Track all payments towards your rent/mortgage


Share your date with credit agencies to help improve and build your personal credit score history. Renters’ score works just like your credit score, by tracking all payments and reporting any missed or late payments, and generating a score report each month.


Because the Renters score works just like a credit score, the aim of the renter’s score is to allow renters to build up a renters credit report which will go towards buying their first home.

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